Superhero Micah

Little Micah is a superhero in the making. I mean, who can resist a mini batman?! He also has the best blue eyes that sparkle and the biggest smile that forced me to keep asking his mom to throw him in the air so I could see it over and over again (sorry Natalie!)! I loved spending time with my little nephew and catching some sweet moments during his ninth month. He couldn’t have been more precious!

Micah Niehaus 2015_01_webMicah Niehaus 2015_04_webMicah Niehaus 2015_05_webMicah Niehaus 2015_06_webMicah Niehaus 2015_07_webMicah Niehaus 2015_09_webMicah Niehaus 2015_10_webMicah Niehaus 2015_12_webMicah Niehaus 2015_14_webMicah Niehaus 2015_16_webMicah Niehaus 2015_18_webMicah Niehaus 2015_19_web

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