The Motleys

I have been photographing little Mia for the past three years. She is growing up! But just as sweet. Her mother is equally awesome and so talented. Christie is the owner of The Adorn Me Shop and creates beautiful jewelry. Give her some love and follow her on Facebook!

Oh, and did I mention that Mia’s dad said she looked like “fall enchantment”? He did and I’m pretty sure she looked back at me and smiled even bigger. I think her heart is taken.

Enjoy this beautiful family glowing with this season’s enchantment.


mona ferrell - I love these photo’s . U do a wonderful job! I am Christie’s mom & just love ur photo’s

admin - Thank you Mona!

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The Kennedys

It was truly a pleasure meeting this family. They were all so kind and such a delight. The little girls had a great time on the farm feeding the animals and exploring. Their son even brought his new trombone and played me a few tunes which I thoroughly enjoyed! And it was crazy when we found out that I went to college with their nephew in Virginia- what a small world! Making Kentucky their home over a year ago, Bowling Green is lucky to have the Kennedys.

Meghann Chapman - Awesome location!!

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Grayson turns two

What is it about little boys that makes your heart MELT? Seriously, I either want to snuggle up or eat him up at all times! I am so thankful for our little guy. My favorite things right now would be how much he loves to sing Mary Poppin’s “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” at all times and especially in the car (and it’s a solo song, he won’t let you sing along) and how he will take his two little hands, put them on my face, push my face to the side and give me a sweet kiss on the cheek. oh. my goodness. Please freeze those moments!

Here’s to my little man, a brand new two year old!

bahahaha – I couldn’t resist adding this shot I didn’t even realize I got! Have you ever seen such a cute pouty face??!

Here is his real happy face 🙂 

Amy - I need to meet this little man. What a doll baby!

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Fall Mini Sessions

It’s that time of year! FALL MINI SESSIONS! If you are like me, fall is your favorite time of year and you want to capture it all!

I am offering a few sessions Friday, October 11 in the evening and in the morning of Saturday, October 12. These will take place in one location and is first come, first pick on time slots. Limit up to 5 people, additional time/charge for more than 5 people.

To book a session, please contact me (click the “shoot me a message” link above) or e-mail me at to reserve your spot and get all the details. It’s going to be good!

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Sister Hugs

These girls are troopers. Two years in a row our first try of taking photos we have been rained out, and not just a sprinkle, but a full out down pour! We always tried to beat the rain, but have never been fast enough. Our second try this year was a beautiful night and we were able to catch some gorgeous eyes and sweet sister hugs.


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